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Homecrest is Functional Style

Homecrest recently attended the NEWH tradeshow in Minneapolis where visitors were able to explore our new design trends and functional style.

Homecrest recently attended the NEWH Regional tradeshow in Minneapolis. Visitors were able to explore our new design trends and functional style to get inspired by our chic collections. Here’s a recap of what we featured at the show:

Go With the Infiniti Flow

At Homecrest, we are not afraid to be bold. In our new Infiniti collection, we took a risk by making a departure from our usually angle-driven design style. That risk has paid off.

Our Infiniti furniture is made from a single line that flows from seat, to legs, to seat again, making it a continuous statement. When lined up together, Infiniti seats meld perfectly into one another, creating a wave-like illusion that has an almost calming effect.

With this bold style, Infiniti is still highly functional. For instance, the collection features our exclusive Sensation sling fabric, which has a high retention and surface memory for a crisp look and a comfortable seating experience. Meanwhile, the Infiniti collection also offers three different table varieties so that you can create a full Infiniti setup for any outdoor space.

Market Umbrellas

The Homecrest Market umbrella is manufactured using the most resilient materials available. The half-inch thick fiberglass ribs allow the frame to bend and flex easily in windy conditions, while the durable aluminum center pole, maintenance-free resin, and stainless-steel parts ensure this umbrella will provide years of worry-free shade.

Allure Sling for the Modern Consumer

Our Allure collection taps into the clean, minimalist style that is gaining a popularity in younger, design-oriented customers. Allure’s slender yet durable frame compliments the slim double layer sling seating that Homecrest is known for. The overall effect is this: Allure is outdoor seating for modern customers and modern needs.

Adaptable Tables

Finally, our Mode Club table tops are specifically designed for use in public spaces. We offer them in multiple heights, diameters, and in both square and rounded shapes so that you can adapt them to your personal outdoor space. Overall, Mode Club’s smooth texture and duo-tone color options make it a sophisticated choice.

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