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Homecrest’s “Sitting on Air” Showroom Event

On Tuesday, April 4th, Homecrest will host a "Sitting on Air" event in our Chicago Merchandise Mart showroom. The event will highlight Homecrest's two new Air collections, Elements Air and Grace Air.

On Tuesday, April 4th at 10:30 am, Homecrest will host a “Sitting on Air” event in our Chicago Merchandise Mart showroom (#1518). The event will highlight our two new Air collections, Elements Air and Grace Air.

This newly expanded category brings the most revolutionary seating collections to hit the outdoor furniture market in years. For instance, the new Air design builds on the Airo2 collection and the popular and proven double-layer bag sling design Homecrest is well-known for. Come see the newest additions and experience what sitting on air really feels like!

“By combining the technology and design behind Homecrest’s exclusive double layer sling and Phifer Incorporated’s outdoor elastomeric fabrics, Homecrest has found a unique niche in the market,” –  Stacy Brichacek, a designer at Homecrest.

Brichacek and Philip Behrens designed the new Air concept with two primary needs: to be low-maintenance and comfortable.

The Air collection is based on an “empty box design.” Rainy days are no longer a worry with this design. The time it takes to dry after a rainstorm is now measured in seconds rather than minutes. Firstly, we use our patented, field-replaceable double layer sling design. Secondly, it is stretched over an all-aluminum subframe. And lastly, the sling is configured in a multitude of seating arrangements. Furthermore, our Elements Air and Grace Air both offer a versatile, stylish and maintenance-free solution for your outdoor seating needs. Learn more about “sitting on air”  collections Elements Air and Grace Air.

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