Allure Collections

Enjoy the visual style of our Allure collections, three different ways! With our Allure sling, modular and mesh collections, there’s a perfect Allure seating experience waiting for everyone at Homecrest Outdoor Living.

With our Allure series, you will be getting flexibility. Our exclusive double layer sling design provides Homecrest-style comfort while the clean-lines, welt-free design and aluminum frame bring beauty and durability together. The Allure collection has it all!

If you are looking for luxury, look no further than Homecrest’s popular Allure modular collection. With its flexible, modernist architecture-inspired design, Allure modular is the Fallingwater of outdoor furniture. This collection is perfect for any style of home or business, and delivers unmatched comfort because of its 10” deep clean and crisp all-weather UltraCore™ cushions.

Finally, for added durability without sacrificing style, our Allure mesh collection is an incredible option. Ideal for any outdoor space, this collection is built tough for weather-resistance. No matter if you live in a coastal climate, arid climate or anywhere in between, Allure mesh is a great addition to any outdoor space.

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