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Just about all of us know someone who has had the unfortunate experience of leaving patio cushions outside in a rainstorm. The real problem is, a few days after the rain…they’re still not dry. And they’re smelly. And just overall gross. The types of patio furniture cushions that get soggy like this struggle because they tend to be made of cheap foam that was never intended to get wet in the first place. These foams do a much better job of retaining water than they do shedding it (like a sponge), and depending on what the outer material is, moisture may not even have a great escape route. This means it’s only a matter of time before that flowery cushion begins to look like a science project, ruining your outdoor space.

Thankfully, when you buy patio furniture from Homecrest Outdoor Living, you can say goodbye to the soggy cushion problem for good. With us, you’ll find many great options for outdoor cushion seating that both look stylish and dry incredibly fast. This is because Homecrest cushions have inner and outer materials designed for 100% moisture drainage.

A staple for cushions in the high-end outdoor furniture market like Homecrest’s is something called polyester fiber fill, sometimes referred to by the original brand name “Dacron Hollofil.” Dacron is often used on its own in slimmer cushions (like dining chair and chaise lounge cushions), or in larger cushions as the top inner surface material. It’s a 100% man-made, non-porous material that physically cannot retain moisture of any kind. This means it dries extremely fast and prevents the growth of mold and mildew!

Homecrest also combines water resistance with comfort in those of our cushions that use high-grade interior foams to provide a luxurious seating experience. These cushions are a dream to sit in, and are still protected from rain by being encased in a water-resistant, breathable membrane. This membrane sits underneath the outer fabric. This way, only the exterior material gets wet in a downpour and the cushion itself remains dry.

If you come from an area with an extremely wet climate and are still concerned about the drying capabilities of Homecrest cushions, we have the perfect seating material for you. Our new Grace Air and Elements Air series have the look and comfort of deep-seating cushions, but are made without foam entirely. These collections use an empty box design, which means they have a frame surrounded by our comfortable Sensation sling fabric. This makes them look and feel nearly identical to cushioned seats.But, when rough weather comes by and these pieces of patio furniture get caught in it, the rain simply flows through the fabric and empty box, straight from the top and out the bottom. This way, the dry time for these “cushions” is only as long as it takes to dry one layer of fabric.

Nobody likes having to take their cushions in every time it gets a little cloudy, and with Homecrest, you’ll never have to worry about soggy cushions again. All of the materials we use dry in about two hours or less in normal drying conditions, and simply will not retain moisture of any kind. Even with an afternoon shower, your furniture will be in top-form for entertaining by that night! Buying from Homecrest Outdoor living means that you can choose whatever style of furniture you want, cushioned or non-cushioned, no matter what weather you live in.

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