Top 5 Patio Trends for 2017

Homecrest Outdoor Living has been a leader in outdoor patio trends since the company's inception in 1953. As a frontrunner in the best in luxury furniture, Homecrest has identified five key patio trends in 2017.

Patio Trend #1: Deep Seating

As technologies and trends continue to develop and evolve, more and more patios are mirroring homeowners’ indoor living areas, including deep cushion seating. These days, exceptionally weather-resistant materials make it possible to have cozy, cushioned furniture in all sorts of styles, sizes and configurations that can be left outside year-round. Whether looking for a serene retreat with earth-inspired minimalist styling, elegant and contemporary sectionals for hosting soirees or richly traditional environments for family relaxation, the design options are endless.

Patio Trend #2: Fire Tables

Going hand in hand with the deep seating trend, outdoor fire tables are becoming a mainstay of the outdoor living experience. These tables often function as the focal point of the area and are the place where people naturally congregate when hanging around together in the backyard.

Fire tables come in all shapes, sizes, heights and surface options. Most common right now are models that are fuelled by propane or natural gas and upper-end models feature burners that outperform your barbecue! In everything from metals to ceramics to engineered composites, if you can dream up what you want your top to look like, chances are you’ll be able to find it at a specialty retailer.

Patio Trend #3: Natural-Looking Dining Tables

The outdoor living experience really began around the dining table, and while deep seating continues to grow as a category, just about anyone who owns any patio furniture includes an area to dine al fresco in their outdoor living spaces.

Art imitates nature, and in table design, styling is going au naturel. Over the last 20 years, the science behind outdoor table composites has made incredible gains, allowing furniture manufacturers to produce natural-looking tables that are incredibly realistic, while having the strength and weather-resistant characteristics of sophisticated, manufactured composites. These tables, often referred to as “faux-stone,” are impervious to variations in outdoor temperature and are amazingly fade and scratch-resistant. Dining table styles can range from hammered metals to distressed wood to granites to artisanal tiled stone, in shapes and heights that range from small end tables for a cozy vignette to enormous dining settings for twelve.

Patio Trend #4: Accessories

Personal touches and accessories are what often bring character and personality to our outdoor environment. Outdoor accessories like umbrellas and toss pillows are always a great step to provide a splash of color and fun. With new technologies, it is now possible to find great weather-resistant interior-inspired accessories that are perfectly at home in outdoor environments. From outdoor art and rugs to beautiful lighting and sculptures, the pieces we love and bring our outdoor spaces to life are now available with incredible weather-resistance characteristics. This allows us to complete our outdoor spaces exactly as we like without worrying about leaving favorite pieces outside.

Patio Trend #5: Air Products

Air products are one of 2017's newer patio trends! Homecrest's Air products include Grace Air, Elements Air and Airo2, which are low-maintenance, cushionless seating collections with the appearance and look of a deep seating chair.

Homecrest Outdoor Living has outdoor design options for all five of these 2017 patio trends. Visit our website to view our high-quality deep seating collections or try building your own custom furniture or fire table on our interactive design center.

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