Elements Collections

When you want flexibility in your outdoor space, you need Homecrest Outdoor Living’s Elements collection. Our Elements sling, cushion and air pieces all deliver a premium outdoor experience.

Of course, our Elements sling collection is always an excellent choice. With gentle curves and transitional frame shapes, this furniture design always feels fresh. It goes without saying that Elements chairs are the perfect chairs for leisure, with their low and high back sling seating style and swivel rocking options.

Our Elements cushion and modular collections take the style of Elements and add a twist. These collections combine the visual design of our Elements series with our industry-leading DreamCorecushions. Unlike most outdoor furniture cushions that are viscoelastic, DreamCore cushions are made of a high resilient, furniture-grade foam that give comfort like no other.

For the look of the Elements cushion with the feel of a classic Homecrest double layer sling seat, Elements air is the perfect purchase for you. This collection’s pieces give the illusion of a cushioned seat with all the benefits of our Sensation sling fabric and cushion-less design.

To learn more about our Elements collections, please feel free to visit www.homecrest.com.

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Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends for 2019

Homecrest Outdoor Living doesn’t follow trends. We set them. That’s why, with over 65 years in business, we’re qualified to give you the real skinny on what style directions are going to be big for outdoor living in 2019. We’re cutting away nonsense marketing lingo to give you straightforward facts that you can use to directly inform your patio furniture plans.

Here are the Top Five Outdoor Living Trends for 2019:

1. Being Conversation-Centric

A beautiful outdoor set-up is only as good as it is functional.Patio furniture that’s designed to make conversation amongst friends and loved ones effortless will always be in. This season, look for modular seating that comes with corner options, like our Allure Modular collection. Designs like this focus people inward, towards one another, creating a sense of cohesion and making conversation easy.

See our Allure Modular Collection Here!

 2. Fire Table Center Pieces

Fire Tables have so many benefits that they really are a game-changer. The obvious advantage is that they will keep you warm during cool nights and balmy weather, lengthening your outdoor season by several months on either side of summer. But, fire tables have many more aesthetic benefits as centerpieces. Fire tables create natural lighting, which has a calming effect, and they’re evocative of warm times shared around the campfire back in the good ol’ days. When you find the right style from Homecrest’s extensive collections and colors, you’ve got yourself a focal point for your outdoor space.

See our Elements Collection Here!

3. Rustic Materials

After nearly a full decade of interior and outdoor design moving further and further into clinical, technology-driven and “sleek” products, style is ready to move back in the other direction and breathe a little. Smooth plastics and cold metals are giving way to more rustic-appearing materials. Collections like our Natural Series tables use durable materials (that will last in rough weather) that still create the appearance of natural sandstone, slate, timber and others.

See our Natural Series Tables Here!

4. Earth Tones

Coupling with the rustic materials trend, frame finishes and seating fabrics for patio furniture are moving towards earth tones. For metal frame finishes, colors like warm browns with undertones of burgundy or olive (for example, Homecrest’s Cognac) compliment natural-style materials. Color trends are quite finicky, of course, so it is always most important to find a color that you like over what a company tells you that you should like. Homecrest offers a broad range of fabric patterns and frame finishes for this reason.

see our Metal Frame Finishes Here!

5. Minimalist Frames

With the trends towards functional, nature-inspired outdoor living styles, patio furniture designs that lean into simplicity are becoming the markers of sophistication. Take a look at Homecrest’s Eden series to see this in action. Its slatted, teak-inspired top with rectangular legs give a clean silhouette, possibly inspired by the Scandinavian Design movement. Watch for minimal, quality-made patio furniture styles in 2019.

See Eden Collection & Allure Collections Here! 


For more information on any of these trends or mentioned products, please feel free to contact Homecrest Outdoor Living. We’ll give you real, useful customer service.

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Homecrest Introduces Elements Air and Grace Air Collections


For more than 65 years, Homecrest Outdoor Living has built the most comfortable sling chairs in the patio furniture business while offering a rich history of quality and classic design, combined with today's demand for affordable luxury and versatile living.

For 2017, Homecrest is thrilled to introduce two new Air collections: Elements Air and Grace Air. This newly expanded category brings the most revolutionary seating collections to hit the outdoor furniture market in years. The new Air design builds on the Airo2 collection and the popular and proven double layer bag sling design Homecrest is well-known for.

"By combining the technology and design behind Homecrest's exclusive double layer sling and Phifer Incorporated's outdoor elastomeric fabrics, Homecrest has found a unique niche in the market," said Stacy Brichacek, a designer at Homecrest. Brichacek and Philip Behrens designed the new Air concept with two primary needs: to be low-maintenance and comfortable.

The Air collection is based on an “empty box design,” where water runs through the air bucket design. The time it takes to dry after a rainstorm is now measured in seconds rather than minutes. Using Homecrest’s patented, field-replaceable double layer sling design, stretched over an all-aluminum subframe and configured in a multitude of seating arrangements, Elements Air and Grace Air both offer a versatile, stylish and maintenance-free solution for your outdoor seating needs.

About Homecrest

Homecrest Outdoor Living is a U.S. outdoor furniture manufacturer that is currently celebrating 65 years of patio furniture manufacturing in Wadena, MN. Known in the industry for their innovative traditions, Homecrest has been an industry-leader with unique designs and comfort features, winning the Manufacturer Leadership Award five times. With a broad selection of cushion, sling and metal seating products, along with many faux and aluminum dining and fire tables. Homecrest has a full line of designer/commercial products to meet your outdoor and casual area needs.

Visit our website to learn more about our current collections or to find a dealer near you!

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Top 3 Patio Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Florida Mesh

Trends in the hospitality outdoor design world give businesses the power to create a unique space for patrons to interact. Whether it's by the pool or by a fire table, you want guests to feel welcome and invited in any outdoor space. Here are three new patio trends to get ideas for decorating your own outdoor space and drawing guests to your venue!

Trend #1: Maintenance-Free Outdoor Furniture

Maintenance-free outdoor furniture is one of the major trends for hospitality locations and is a major selling point for a majority of furniture collections. Hospitality locations love maintenance-free outdoor furniture. Having easy-to-maintain, long-lasting furniture is important in the hospitality world and is one of the most important selling features of many Homecrest outdoor furniture lines.

Homecrest offers many maintenance-free outdoor furniture collections for hospitality settings, like our Florida Mesh, Passport, Airo2, Elements Air and Grace Air collections. We are always in the process of developing new products and maintenance-free seating options for hospitality settings.

We designed our Florida Mesh with a comfortable and supportive bucket mesh: an unprecedented metal option in the commercial industry! Florida Mesh sits well in dining areas, pool areas and beside a fire table. The chair's stackability is a key draw for commercial settings.

Homecrest has a history of producing long-lasting quality slings with great warranties and replacement options, but our company now has a variety of deep seating options with our Air products and Airo2 collection. The Air cushions are easy to care for — customers can easily spray the material down to clean it. The seats have the feel of a cushion without any inner cushion material, which makes the Air products easier for property owners to take care of. As a result, customers in the hospitality industry are turning to our Air products for maintenance-free options.

Trend #2: Designing Outdoor Styles in Indoor Spaces

Another great trend in the hotel and hospitality world: bringing outdoor vibes inside.  Customizing the look of the outdoor space is a popular trend with hotels. The most popular deep seating fabrics are neutrals with pop colors for the surrounding accents, and shades of blues and turquoise are especially popular colors for 2017. More family areas and conversation areas are cropping up in public spaces, and the ability to change the configuration of the seating area is something that hotels really value.

Collections like Homecrest's Havenhill and Grace Deep Seating are great for hotels creating their own space.  Homecrest's options for creating the perfect indoor or outdoor space are endless and make it easy to blur the lines between outdoor styles in indoor spaces.

Trend #3: Mixing Materials and Groupings

Mixing materials and groupings of different outdoor furniture collections gives the area depth with a layering of different styles and pieces. While mixing materials is encouraged, the area must have a common ground in order for this tactic to be successful. When done correctly, you can tie the space together while giving a fresh look that reflects the individuality of the property.

Customized patio furniture options in the hospitality industry allow owners to enhance their outdoor space. Homecrest lets you create unique combinations with various materials. Eclectic outdoor furniture groupings are especially chic for this upcoming year.

Homecrest collections like Grace Modular perfectly showcase how furniture can change the configuration of the seating area groupings and how they can be moved around to fit any outdoor space.


An outdoor space can set the tone of a hospitality setting, and outdoor furniture and patio trends possess the power to help business owners make the best use of their outdoor space of their hotel, restaurant, bar and poolside area.

Visit our website to learn more about our current collections or to find a dealer near you!

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Top 5 Patio Trends for 2017

Homecrest Outdoor Living has been a leader in outdoor patio trends since the company's inception in 1953. As a frontrunner in the best in luxury furniture, Homecrest has identified five key patio trends in 2017.

Patio Trend #1: Deep Seating

As technologies and trends continue to develop and evolve, more and more patios are mirroring homeowners’ indoor living areas, including deep cushion seating. These days, exceptionally weather-resistant materials make it possible to have cozy, cushioned furniture in all sorts of styles, sizes and configurations that can be left outside year-round. Whether looking for a serene retreat with earth-inspired minimalist styling, elegant and contemporary sectionals for hosting soirees or richly traditional environments for family relaxation, the design options are endless.

Patio Trend #2: Fire Tables

Going hand in hand with the deep seating trend, outdoor fire tables are becoming a mainstay of the outdoor living experience. These tables often function as the focal point of the area and are the place where people naturally congregate when hanging around together in the backyard.

Fire tables come in all shapes, sizes, heights and surface options. Most common right now are models that are fuelled by propane or natural gas and upper-end models feature burners that outperform your barbecue! In everything from metals to ceramics to engineered composites, if you can dream up what you want your top to look like, chances are you’ll be able to find it at a specialty retailer.

Patio Trend #3: Natural-Looking Dining Tables

The outdoor living experience really began around the dining table, and while deep seating continues to grow as a category, just about anyone who owns any patio furniture includes an area to dine al fresco in their outdoor living spaces.

Art imitates nature, and in table design, styling is going au naturel. Over the last 20 years, the science behind outdoor table composites has made incredible gains, allowing furniture manufacturers to produce natural-looking tables that are incredibly realistic, while having the strength and weather-resistant characteristics of sophisticated, manufactured composites. These tables, often referred to as “faux-stone,” are impervious to variations in outdoor temperature and are amazingly fade and scratch-resistant. Dining table styles can range from hammered metals to distressed wood to granites to artisanal tiled stone, in shapes and heights that range from small end tables for a cozy vignette to enormous dining settings for twelve.

Patio Trend #4: Accessories

Personal touches and accessories are what often bring character and personality to our outdoor environment. Outdoor accessories like umbrellas and toss pillows are always a great step to provide a splash of color and fun. With new technologies, it is now possible to find great weather-resistant interior-inspired accessories that are perfectly at home in outdoor environments. From outdoor art and rugs to beautiful lighting and sculptures, the pieces we love and bring our outdoor spaces to life are now available with incredible weather-resistance characteristics. This allows us to complete our outdoor spaces exactly as we like without worrying about leaving favorite pieces outside.

Patio Trend #5: Air Products

Air products are one of 2017's newer patio trends! Homecrest's Air products include Grace Air, Elements Air and Airo2, which are low-maintenance, cushionless seating collections with the appearance and look of a deep seating chair.

Homecrest Outdoor Living has outdoor design options for all five of these 2017 patio trends. Visit our website to view our high-quality deep seating collections or try building your own custom furniture or fire table on our interactive design center.

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2 Things Millennials Look for in Outdoor Furniture

Finding Custom Outdoor Furniture on a Millennial's Budget

"Millennials," people who were born between 1980 and 1995, are a surprisingly powerful group of consumers. Market research firms around the world spend millions of dollars analyzing the beliefs, education choices, employment rates, marriage ages and the shopping patterns of millennials.

The millennial generation has goals, expectations and preferences that are sometimes markedly different from previous generations. People who want to market to this demographic would love to know what millennials would actually like to buy. There are a couple things that millennials will take into account when they're making a major purchase such as outdoor furniture.

1. Long-Lasting, Quality Outdoor Furniture

Specialty outdoor furniture manufacturers like Homecrest and retailers are very aware of the fact that the millennial generation shows less interest in the same traditional styles of their parents while still being very interested in quality. Many millennials have some disposable income during the early years of their chosen profession. If they can find furniture and accessories that meet their needs, tastes and outdoor spaces, they're more likely to invest in a few luxury outdoor furniture pieces.

Although many millennials may be paying back student loans or in the process of buying their first home, there is a desire to invest their money into products they can use for more than a couple years. Even if patio room is scarce, millennials want their outdoor space to look presentable while reflecting their personalities and be an area that will provide many years of enjoyment and use.

2. Custom Patio Furniture and Design

Almost everything at a box store is boring and brown, and millennials are typically looking for fresh and contemporary design. Specialty patio stores perfectly cater the individual style that millennials crave by enabling a consumer to personalize their outdoor space. Not only do the specialty shops show a wide range of styles, virtually every piece can be ordered in any color and fabric.

Specialty patio stores tend to do business with suppliers who specialize in custom-ordered furniture, and the choices really are endless. Pieces tend to be sold “open-stock,” meaning the consumer isn't locked into purchasing an entire, fixed set, like four chairs and a table.

Homecrest Outdoor Living offers unending ways to mix and match any furniture set, whether a consumer is looking for two outdoor dining chairs and a side table or just a new outdoor fire table at balcony height.

This "mix and match" style approach to choosing patio furniture may cost more up front, but investing in a outdoor set with top-notch quality and design is something that millennials are willing to do if they can find the right pieces to fit their space and individual style.

Along with the ability to bring their individual style to their patio furniture, personal service and attention to detail is another aspect of the shopping experience that millennials value. A majority of specialty patio stores are family-owned businesses that really care about their consumer's experience, which is why they offer custom sets.

Why Custom Patio Furniture is the Best Choice for Your Outdoor Space

Custom patio furniture and personalized outdoor design taps into the aspects that millennials value: a quality product paired with a personal touch.

Before taking faded patio chairs out of storage after the last patches of snow have disappeared this summer or visiting a mass merchant for a new set, consider a more customized experience. Taking a few moments to find custom patio furniture sellers in your area can help you find the perfect design fit for your inner millennial, while accommodating the budget and space restrictions that often come with being a "high-maintenance millennial."


Visit Homecrest's interactive Design Center today to begin building a custom patio furniture set for your outdoor space.

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