Our Stylish, Durable Market Umbrellas

Market Umbrellas from Homecrest Outdoor Living are the benchmark by which all other umbrellas are measured. This is the quality we want you to experience.

No matter the setting, Homecrest’s Market Umbrellas are a stylish and practical shade solution. Whether poolside or lounging at home, after a few minutes in direct sunlight on a hot day, we instinctively look for shelter. Enter Homecrest Market Umbrellas.

These customizable umbrellas are available in a variety of fabric and pole colors, and can be purchased with a pulley lift or crank lift/auto-tilt. Homecrest Market Umbrellas are exceptionally strong and durable, with a 1 1/2 in. diameter center pole and 1/2 in. fiberglass ribs and struts.

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Protecting Your Health with Antimicrobial Features

One of the great things about Homecrest Outdoor Living furniture is that it’s designed to last for years and perform in any environment. Our products owe this in part to being antimicrobial and easily cleanable. While these are great features in any scenario, it makes our stylish furniture an excellent option for handling the COVID-19 pandemic responsibly.

Homecrest’s antimicrobial design starts with our fabric. All of our fabric types are bleachable with the use of a safe bleach cleaning solution, but antimicrobial features go further than that for our most popular fabric types.

For one, our double-layer sling seating—which is known for its high level of comfort—is constructed of antimicrobial-rated, Microban-infused material. And of course, these slings can also be safely bleached without harming their appearance or integrity. This means that, not only does our sling seating naturally prevent the lingering and transmission of dirt and germs, they can also easily be cleaned between uses for added protection.

Our Ultraleather fabrics are also antimicrobial rated (using EPA-registered measurement systems) and bleachable. One of the biggest appeals of this type of fabric is that it is non-porous, and therefore straightforward to clean with standard, alcohol-based disinfectants. These qualities have made Ultraleather a favorite of healthcare industries.

Beyond fabrics, we also have added protections for all of our cushioned seating. With our DreamCore™ and UltraCore™ cushions, we include a ticking fabric underlayment beneath the product’s exterior. This underlayment prevents transmission of any foreign materials or fluids into the cushion foam. This ensures that cleaning the outer layer of fabric is all the maintenance needed in order to keep our cushioned products hygienic.

Finally, we finish our aluminum frames with a special powder-coating paint. Besides creating an even layer of color, this process makes our frames completely non-porous. In contrast to other materials used in the outdoor furniture industry, such as wood or natural fibers, our powder-coated aluminum frames can be effectively wiped and bleached clean.

Click here to learn how to most effectively care for and clean our Homecrest products, as well as how to safely sanitize them with a bleach solution.

All of these different strategies combine to make Homecrest Outdoor Living products the smart choice for hygiene and safety, during COVID-19 and beyond.