Heat Things up with a Fire Table

For those in northern climates, it is already getting cooler outside. That doesn’t mean the season for using your Homecrest outdoor furniture has to end. With our hot fire tables, you can enjoy lounging outdoors well into the fall!

Fire tables are one of the hottest trends in outdoor living right now. With a fire table from Homecrest, you can create the ambiance and warmth of a traditional fire with added convenience and safety features. You’ll be able to extend your outdoor season well into the fall!

To ensure your personal safety and comfort, Homecrest’s fire tables offer several safety features! Each fire table fueled by either propane or natural gas can only turn on by an external, removable key. The fire table can’t turn on accidentally as this key must be inserted and turned to the on position.  Additionally, our 20” fire burner inserts concentrate the fire to the center of the burner, preventing flames from skipping on the surface. Further, every fire table fire burner insert is elevated on a 3/4" aluminum riser to protect the table from heat transfer. We even offer accessories, like glass guards. It both protect the fire from strong winds and enhance the look of your fire table.

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