Top 3 Patio Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Florida Mesh

Trends in the hospitality outdoor design world give businesses the power to create a unique space for patrons to interact. Whether it's by the pool or by a fire table, you want guests to feel welcome and invited in any outdoor space. Here are three new patio trends to get ideas for decorating your own outdoor space and drawing guests to your venue!

Trend #1: Maintenance-Free Outdoor Furniture

Maintenance-free outdoor furniture is one of the major trends for hospitality locations and is a major selling point for a majority of furniture collections. Hospitality locations love maintenance-free outdoor furniture. Having easy-to-maintain, long-lasting furniture is important in the hospitality world and is one of the most important selling features of many Homecrest outdoor furniture lines.

Homecrest offers many maintenance-free outdoor furniture collections for hospitality settings, like our Florida Mesh, Passport, Airo2, Elements Air and Grace Air collections. We are always in the process of developing new products and maintenance-free seating options for hospitality settings.

We designed our Florida Mesh with a comfortable and supportive bucket mesh: an unprecedented metal option in the commercial industry! Florida Mesh sits well in dining areas, pool areas and beside a fire table. The chair's stackability is a key draw for commercial settings.

Homecrest has a history of producing long-lasting quality slings with great warranties and replacement options, but our company now has a variety of deep seating options with our Air products and Airo2 collection. The Air cushions are easy to care for — customers can easily spray the material down to clean it. The seats have the feel of a cushion without any inner cushion material, which makes the Air products easier for property owners to take care of. As a result, customers in the hospitality industry are turning to our Air products for maintenance-free options.

Trend #2: Designing Outdoor Styles in Indoor Spaces

Another great trend in the hotel and hospitality world: bringing outdoor vibes inside.  Customizing the look of the outdoor space is a popular trend with hotels. The most popular deep seating fabrics are neutrals with pop colors for the surrounding accents, and shades of blues and turquoise are especially popular colors for 2017. More family areas and conversation areas are cropping up in public spaces, and the ability to change the configuration of the seating area is something that hotels really value.

Collections like Homecrest's Havenhill and Grace Deep Seating are great for hotels creating their own space.  Homecrest's options for creating the perfect indoor or outdoor space are endless and make it easy to blur the lines between outdoor styles in indoor spaces.

Trend #3: Mixing Materials and Groupings

Mixing materials and groupings of different outdoor furniture collections gives the area depth with a layering of different styles and pieces. While mixing materials is encouraged, the area must have a common ground in order for this tactic to be successful. When done correctly, you can tie the space together while giving a fresh look that reflects the individuality of the property.

Customized patio furniture options in the hospitality industry allow owners to enhance their outdoor space. Homecrest lets you create unique combinations with various materials. Eclectic outdoor furniture groupings are especially chic for this upcoming year.

Homecrest collections like Grace Modular perfectly showcase how furniture can change the configuration of the seating area groupings and how they can be moved around to fit any outdoor space.


An outdoor space can set the tone of a hospitality setting, and outdoor furniture and patio trends possess the power to help business owners make the best use of their outdoor space of their hotel, restaurant, bar and poolside area.

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